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Lin Darcy Beauty is proud to offer OROGOLD Amore Mio cosmetics

“Experience a NEW highly innovative concept in purity!”

AMORE MIO 24kt Gold Mineral Makeup:
Healthy, Hydrating, Protecting

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Best Reasons to Use AmoreMio

Using AmoreMio Mineral Makeup seals and protects your complexion all day, maintaining a healthy glow to your complexion.

It has excellent coverage. Stays on all day into the evening.

OroGold Skin Treatments & Amore Mio Mineral Makeup is HEALTHY!

This Mineral Makeup is Oil Free and won’t clog pores. It is a Wonderful Makeup for all skin types.

This Mineral Makeup Contains Zinc Oxide ,which has a natural anti inflammatory ingredient, recommended by physicians.

There are NO CHEMICALS added, NO Carmine (which can cause breakout and itchy allergies in some makeups)

NO Bismuth Oxychloride, the ingredient that can block pores.

No Synthetic Fillers.

Titanium dioxide is what provides UV Protection.

This is what makes Orogold 24kt & Amore Mio
Perfect, Unique. Sensible and Effective!

Exceptional Products

CONCEALER & MINERAL PRIMER– 3 shades: light, medium or dark. The primer is designed to use before the mineral foundation, to cover areas under eyes and spots that are visible imperfections. Enriched with a hydrating natural botanical complex, anti-oxidant protection, and light-diverting agents, it minimizes the appearance of under-eye circles and wrinkles, while protecting against environmental damage.

Amore Mio Foundation is made from finely-ground mica. Mica is a natural and organic pigments derived from rocks followed by micro-pulverization which brings the microscopic natural crystal to the level of fine powder which contains no dyes, fillers and FD&C.
Available in loose powder or pressed compact form

Amore Mio Blush gives your skin a beautiful, healthy hint of color. Our 100% natural, fragrance free, Paraben free and oil free blushes are safe to use on eyes and lips, ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and problem-prone skin.
Available in loose powder or pressed compact form

Amore Mio Bronzer is perfect for the sun kissed look with the perfect, natural sun protection without the orangy color of traditional bronzers.
Available in loose powder or pressed compact form


Amore Mio Eye Pencils– in a package of 3 shades- black, blue and green.
Amore Mio Mascara: Thickens curves and defines lashes without clumps or flakes. It is formulated to last without smearing, smudging or clumping. Get your best lash look.
Suitable for contact lens wearers.
Amore Mio Loose Eye Shadows: Amore Mio Shimmer Powder formulated with 100% natural and organic pigments to create an amazing effect that will last all day and night without the need to retouch your makeup. It will not crease, clump, fade or smear, and yet can be easily removed with soap and water or with a milk cleanser. It can also be blended with lip balm for a creme effect.


AMORE MIO LIP BALM– clear & moisturizing, this can be blended with Mineral foundations, blushers and bronzers for a matching healthy lip color.
AMORE MIO LIPSTICK/LIPGLOSS DUO– Beautiful lip colors a long lasting mineral lipstick & gloss!



Lin Darcy Beauty is proud to offer OROGOLD cosmetics
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